TrackMan partner with Players 1st to develop experience surveys for golf simulators and ranges

Two leading Danish born golf technology companies have agreed a joint venture to offer TrackMan clients a customer experience survey

Two leading Danish born golf technology companies have agreed a joint venture to offer TrackMan clients a customer experience survey, specifically developed by Players 1st for simulator and range venues. This offer will be marketed by TrackMan directly to its client range and simulator operators.

As the golf industry’s most accurate tracking technology, TrackMan have invested in the gamification of their offering to appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike. Seamless integration from the range or simulator session with the TrackMan app provides users with access to all their historic session data at their fingertips.

As more customers adopt the TrackMan app, the use of technology to receive digital surveys is a natural fit. Venues will benefit from the intuitive Players 1st dashboard which populates with real-time feedback. This instant feedback loop provides the range and simulator venue with the analytics which identifies thebusiness areas most important to their customers, to address key areas if dissatisfaction.

“We continue to be impressed with TrackMan’s relentless desire to evolve their technology, that offers both the entertainment value and game development opportunities for their client’s customers.” said Morten Bisgaard, CEO, Players 1st. “Their pursuit to provide an exceptional simulator experience is where our solutions compliment each others. The surveys that TrackMan clients will be able to distribute directly to their customers will provide valuable analytics and insights to continue to improve and learn from the customer experience.”

“Players 1st have already proven their platform to be a game changer for golf club experience management world wide. Whilst we already share some mutual clients, we are confident that this offer to our range and simulator clients will continue to improve the experiences across a wider reach of participant in the sport” says Sebastian Eldrup-Jørgensen, VP Sales Asia and Business Development of Golf at TrackMan. “Our features support the social non-golfing groups, through to the improving low handicapper to ultimately encourage future and ongoingparticipation. The more we learn from their experience, the more agile we can be to evolve and improve our services for them, and the Players 1st platform is the best solution to enable this step-change.”

The TrackMan Simulator Experience Survey is released for all TrackMan Simulator partners today. The TrackMan Range Experience Survey will be available for all TrackMan Range partners later this year.

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About TrackMan

TrackMan is a fully wireless, easy to use, indoor/outdoor, radar-based solution for analyzing the impact conditions and resulting ball flight in golf. TrackMan provides the industry’s most accurate real time data and graphics on ball launch, flight, and landing. Its unique combination of radar and video technology provides the ultimate solution for Equipment Manufacturers, Teaching Pros, Facilities, Broadcasters, Club Fitters, and Ambitious Golfers. TrackMan A/S, headquartered in Vedbæk, Denmark, is the developer and owner of TrackMan technology. TrackMan technology includes a comprehensive patent portfolio of granted patents and pending patents applications.

About Players 1st

Players 1st is the world’s leading supplier of Customer Experience solutions specifically designed to help golf course operators improve business results by providing actionable insights to elevate their player’s experience. Players 1st has forged strategic partnerships with leading national golf associations across Europe and North America, combining their expertise in customer experience management with industry best practices to deliver a powerful, easy to deploy solution for public and private course operators to help them take care of their most important asset – their members and guests.