Golf lifestyle platform Stick and Hack launches game changing app

Indiana-based Stick & Hack expanding virtual global community through new app

Stick & Hack, a golf lifestyle platform, released its new app to bring the company's unique golfing lifestyle experience to its members' fingertips.

The Challenge App, released on April 4, features over 90 challenges and objectives for golfers around the world to bring the enjoyment of the game to a whole new level. With competitions, accomplishments and interactive content players can climb the global leaderboard with every achievement they reach.

"There truly isn't anything else out there like this. It equalizes the game for golfers and non-golfers since you don't have to be great at golf to beat your friends. You can get points just for showing up, and climb the leaderboard while you learn to play.," said Stick & Hack CEO Adam Grubb. "The Challenge App allows players to try different challenges to test and improve their skills at all levels. It's also a great way to build healthy competition between friends and strangers."

Grubb adds that there are different levels of challenges based on experience and the app caters to the sticks and the hacks of the golf game.

Through an engaging and easy-to-use card format, the app allows members to choose challenges, play their round, earn XP, mark their achievements and invite friends to challenge each other on the course. Objectives are based on different skill levels improving individuals' golf game the more they complete. With challenges like "30 birdies in 30 days" and "almost bogey" golf, accomplishments and achievements are both endless and diverse.

Members can also interact with the global Stick & Hack community in the forum section where they can share their progress, discuss golf and asks questions to improve their skills.

Prior to the initial release, members of the online platform were able to have first-hand access to the beta version, already building their experience points and climbing the global leaderboard.

The app is available to download through iOS products and systems by searching "Stick & Hack" in the App Store.

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About Stick & Hack Founded in 2019, Stick & Hack is the greatest golf club in the world, without the course. The online club strives to create a unique golf experience with each round, creating content that covers all aspects of golf and life, while building a community where golfers connect and interact. Additional information is available on the company's website at