Dazzling SkyCaddie SX550 sets new benchmark for GPS

SkyCaddie has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with a golf GPS rangefinder to new heights with the dazzling new SkyCaddie SX550, available now in the UK.

SkyCaddie’s new top-of-the-range SX550 surpasses even the game-changing, multi-award-winning SX500 model which it replaces.

“The new SkyCaddie SX550 with its 5.5 inch screen will change your view not only of the hole ahead, but also of what is now possible with a GPS device on the golf course” said James Holmes, SkyCaddie’s General Manager UK & Europe.

“It is truly an eye-opener. Within seconds of seeing what it can do, we feel most golfers will realise what a huge leap forwards it is.”

The SkyCaddie SX550 is the most powerful, most accurate and most features-packed GPS device ever seen in golf. It gives you all yardages to all points on a hole, instantly, rather than just the single number which a laser gives you, and avoids laser’s line-of-sight issues or frequent blind spots.

Like all SkyCaddies, the SX550 only uses the exclusive ground-mapped data which SkyCaddie experts gather on foot by walking the hard yards on every golf course – including hundreds of updates each year in the UK alone whenever courses make alterations.

These maps and updates are only available to SkyCaddie users.

Among the SX550’s host of brand-new, benchmark-setting features are:

- Golf’s largest-ever GPS screen, and golf’s best-ever view of the hole ahead. The SX550’s major talking point will be its brilliant 5.5 inch full-colour HD screen which gives a stunning, portrait-shaped, zoomable view of the entire hole in full detail, showing off its incredible graphics. As you zoom in the SX550 reveals increasing levels of detail: it’s like having your own drone showing you the hole you are about to play!

- But despite its bigger screen, the SX550 is slimmer and lighter than the previous SX500. The sleek new SkyCaddie SX550 packs more GPS power, more features and more on-course visuals than golfers have ever had before, into a more portable package;

- A new Micro USB-C Fast Charger neatly plugs into the SX550 either way round and recharges faster than ever. Fully-charged the SX550 has easily enough power to last more than 36 holes;

- An all-new design means that the SX550 feels beautifully-balanced in the hand. The SkyCaddie design team really aced the challenge of how to make golf’s largest-ever GPS rangefinder feel compact and comfortable;

The SX550 gives a jaw-dropping high-definition view of SkyCaddie’s exclusive game-improvement features including:

- IntelliGreen Pro: a comprehensive view of the green ahead, including bunkers, other hazards and major green contours, which rotates according to where you are standing. Simply drag the cursor to a preferred landing spot for a precise yardage, or use the SX550’s high-visibility Front, Cursor Position & Back Of Green distances to quickly gauge what club to hit;

- Custom Pins: yes, a GPS which gives you yardages to today’s pins! The SX550 enables you to enter today’s pin placements from a pin sheet, or you can download them directly from SkyCaddie if available;

- IntelliPath: this brilliant feature not only tells you distances to hazards and fairway edges along your chosen target line, but it also gives you run-out distances beyond the ball’s landing point – essential information which is usually invisible to a laser. Small wonder that IntelliPath is much-loved by Tour golfers and PGA Professionals when playing in competition. IntelliPath is ideal for layups too, when you can’t reach the green and need a safe landing spot for your approach;

- Wi-Fi Connectivity: this enables you to ‘cut the cord’ and download the latest golf course updates without needing to connect to a computer. It only takes a few minutes before your round to get the very latest maps onto your SkyCaddie SX550. And after you play, upload your performance data to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud platform to analyse your game or share with your PGA coach;

- Dynamic HoleVue: this is what SkyCaddie calls its main through-the-fairway graphics, which give you that stunning “only-on-a-SkyCaddie” view of every key detail of the hole ahead. ‘Dynamic’ means that your view auto-rotates according to where you are standing, and you can double-tap or pinch-and-zoom to reveal increasing levels of detail you like;

- Dynamic RangeVue: this overlays multiple yardage arcs onto your SX550’s screen, for at-a-glance reference and club selection. You can even add personalised Club Ranges so you can tailor your SX550 to your own hitting distances;

- SX550 also gives you Shot Tracking capability with no additional hardware needed. Simply activate Shot Tracking, and after the round analyse which clubs you used, how far you hit them and where you hit them from;

After recent multiple wins on the Legends Tour (formerly Staysure Tour and European Senior Tour), and with The PGA now using SkyCaddie’s ground-mapped yardages to set pins and create pin sheets in all of its national and PGA EuroPro events, SkyCaddie’s popularity with elite golfers has soared since the 2018 introduction of the SX550’s predecessor, the SX500.

“After the tremendous success of the SX500, we made a great design even better with the new SX550,” said James Holmes. “We made the screen larger and housed it in a slimmer body, so you can quickly see more, play faster and make better decisions on how to play a hole. With the SX550, you can manage the hole ahead like a Pro, getting everything a caddie would tell you in one simple step and displayed graphically on a stunningly brilliant screen, so you can select the right club and hit the ball with confidence.

“Nothing else comes close to a SkyCaddie” he said. “The SX550 is certainly the ultimate, most comprehensive and fastest-to-use distance measuring device the sport has yet seen.”

The SX550 is highly water-resistant which makes it perfect for bad weather golf. It also includes other time-saving, game-improvement features such as Auto-Course Selection; Auto-Hole Advance; Auto-Zoom; Shot Distance Measurement; Target List View; Digital Scoring; Tee Box Selection; Gender Selection, and Stat Tracking.

SX550 accessories include a Leatherette Holster (£29.95) if, like many golfers, you like to clip your SkyCaddie to your belt, and a Cart Mount (RRP £34.95) for easy attachment to your golf trolley.

Holmes is convinced that the new SkyCaddie SX550 gives the golfer more and better information than the laser-plus-yardage book option.

“So many good golfers including hardened Tour pros with decades of competitive experience are now telling us that, with the new-generation SkyCaddies such as the SX550, habits which have been ingrained over many years are changing overnight as soon as they start using one of these amazing devices.

“So we say change your habits, trust in SkyCaddie’s yardages, and arm yourself with the new SX550 the next time you play!”

The SkyCaddie SX550 (RRP £379.95) joins the 4” screen SkyCaddie SX400 handheld GPS rangefinder (RRP £299.95), the SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Smart Watch (RRP £299.95) and the SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Smart Watch with Ceramic Bezel (RRP £349.95) in SkyCaddie’s best-ever range of GPS devices for the serious golfer.

For all SkyCaddie information see www.skycaddie.co.uk.