Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. Provides Sales, Distribution, and Production Update for SPREE

Sales and production ramping up as the first SPREE distributor begins accepting orders

News summary:

- TPII forecasts incremental sales of approximately 300 units per year via SPREE distributor, San Tan

- To meet increased demand, TPII is ramping up production at its new Las Vegas facility

- SPREE generating snowballing interest in response to its eCell's rapid charge and long life

Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. (OTC PINK: TPII) is pleased to provide a progress update on the sales, distribution, and production of its SPREE solar-powered golf carts—the world's first solar-powered golf cart.

First SPREE distributor now accepting deliveries and is anxious for more After entering into a distribution agreement with Phoenix-based San Tan in September, the company is pleased to announce that the initial response to the SPREE has been overwhelmingly positive.

Company CEO Murray Goldenberg stated, "San Tan has started to accept delivery of production units and is anxious to receive additional carts, which are being completed."

The company forecasts an initial demand of approximately 300 units per year through San Tan, delivering an incremental boost to its existing direct sales channel.

Ramping up sales and production to meet a $2.52 billion market as ports clear

The company is now actively pursuing additional distributors to add to its national network as it prepares to ramp up production at its new Las Vegas facility.

Murray Goldenberg notes, "Supply chain issues caused by port backlogs have been a major impediment to bringing additional SPREE units onto the market. Without the timely delivery of vital components, we've had to hold back on generating demand that we couldn't meet."

"Now progress is being made in clearing port backlogs, we have confidence in our ability to meet demand and are now scaling up sales and production efforts in response," Goldenberg continued.

The golf cart market is expected to reach U.S. $2.52 Billion by 2026, according to Mordor Intelligence. The company is confident that SPREE's market-leading benefits will enable it to capture a significant portion of this.

Big interest in fast-charging eCell technology that outlives the life of the cart

"As word of mouth spreads, customer interest in our solar-powered SPREE golf cart is growing due to the unbeatable advantages it has over traditional golf carts," said Murray Goldenberg, CEO of Triad Pro Innovators.

"Besides its solar charging ability, one of the main factors driving interest in the SPREE is our maintenance-free eCell technology which delivers 30,000+ recharge cycles. This allows the eCell to outlive the life of the cart. Golf courses and other frequent use operators are quick to recognize this as a major advantage over traditional battery banks that require ongoing maintenance and replacement throughout the life of the cart," Goldenberg added.

About Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. (OTC PINK: TPII):

Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. has developed a proprietary device to be utilized in a variety of circumstances to store electricity. The newly developed Triad Pro power supply provides our storage system with tremendous operational flexibility. Using our propriety hardware and software solution, our eCell can be configured to store energy at a rate limited only by the network providing it, and then release that energy in a regulated way based upon the application, which allows for flexibility unknown in current chemical battery-based storage systems. Triad Pro creates and designs renewable energy solutions including Co-Generation and the patent pending eCells that can be used stand alone or modular as energy demands increase.