LivPur Nutrition announces partnerships with and strategic investments from PGA Tour stars

LivPur Nutrition, an American sports hydration and lifestyle company built on the pillars of transparency, incredible flavors, and expert hydration formulation, has announced partnerships with PGA Tour stars Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Zach Johnson.

"We are pleased to bring on Zach, Justin and Jordan as investors and brand ambassadors. It's important to us as a company to work with partners that are believers in and users of our products, and we're thrilled that this superstar trio believes in our products so much that they not only wanted to partner with us, they wanted to personally invest in us," says LivPur Nutrition President, Michael Thorp.

The players have been using the brands products on and off the course and will now be featured in the brands marketing and promotional materials. The deals mark the brand's first athlete endorsements and first celebrity investments. "As an athlete, I take what I put into my body seriously. I know that any edge I can get on my opponents could be the difference between winning or losing a tournament," said Thomas, winner of the 2017 PGA Championship. "I find that LivPur Nutrition doesn't give me the jitters or shakes that can so often be a side effect of pre-workout powders. It's truly been a game changer for me especially before a workout or those early tee times. I'll even have some on the back nine of a major or when I'm in contention, knowing that extra boost of energy can make a difference in how I finish," he added. 3-time major champion, Spieth says "LivPur Nutrition is an important part of my routine because I can rely on it to help me stay focused and know it will provide an extra boost of energy when I need it most. I trust the LivPur Nutrition products and ingredients to keep me hydrated and performing at my best." "LivPur Nutrition is the most essential and best supplement I have ever used. For sustained focus and energy in the morning or pre-workout, to hydrate during a round of golf or workout, and to recover at the end of the day, LivPur Nutrition enables me to perform at my absolute best," said two-time major champion & 12 time PGA Tour winner Zach Johnson. "LivPur Nutrition has become a part of my equipment as a competitor and I am beyond excited to partner with them to share these great supplements with many others!"

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