Inrange is a perfect match for Horton Golf Park

Matching technology successfully to a golf business isn’t always easy but Horton Park in Surrey feel they have found the perfect partner in Inrange Golf. The Epsom-based club has recently installed the interactive ball-tracking and entertainment technology into its 26-bay driving range. With a wide variety of visitors, not just comprising golfers, their need for a solution to broaden the opportunities to generate revenue lead them to embrace the benefits presented by Inrange golf technology. Matthew Stilwell, Chief Vision Officer said “We have a pretty diverse business at Horton Park attracting a broad spectrum of visitors from families that come for the crazy golf to experienced golfers pushing their game to the next level and we enjoy catering for them all. Having Inrange technology as part of the driving range experience helps us cater for all of these needs, open up revenue generating opportunities and add a number of elements we felt vital for the business, particularly around junior and beginner golfers and groups of golfers looking for a fun pastime. From each of these sectors Inrange has provided the means to generate income, for example, group bay bookings can play the skills-based Inrange+ games and generate more income per head than individual golfers in a bay and even more so when food and drink is added in.” Unlike many driving range technologies, Inrange radar software tracks the ball from the moment it’s hit until it comes to a standstill, ideal for junior golfers and beginners who don’t always hit the ball very far and yet still get the satisfaction of seeing their shot on screen in its entirety. As their expertise grows they can take full advantage of the Inrange handicap and mobile app. Experienced players can enjoy the practice mode as well as the games, honing their skills for every shot they need on the course. The Inrange mobile app allows them to take away their progress for analysis at home or with their coach once they leave the range. Families and groups can enjoy the skills based games that Inrange+ offers and the addition of food and drink available on the range makes for an enjoyable and relaxed time in a golfing environment whilst providing an important boost to revenues.

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