IGo Sports

The iGoSports team are former professional athletes helping to make newer technologies and advanced sports equipment accessible to golfers worldwide.

Innovation in golf is forever evolving, iGoSports helps golfers find and embrace new products that help them perform better or enjoy their round more.

Technology in golf has become so advanced in only a few decades; from smart watches that track your health to specially designed clothing that helps you recover faster, to world-class PGA level coaching at the touch of your fingertips.

iGo know that no matter what stage of your golf career you’re at, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or PGA Pro – confidence and trust are exactly what you need in yourself and your equipment. iGo bring various collections of smart products to help you train when you need to, recover quicker, to track valuable data, all with the goal of helping you play your best golf.

In fact, IGo Sports prides itself on finding the latest technologies and making them available to its customers first. It is the exclusive distributor for Kymira Golf, the world’s largest producer of infrared performance and recovery wear and is working closely with its team to share how golfers can benefit from infrared clothing.

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