Hunter Industries announces partnership with POGO

Agreement will bring sensor and visual integration into the Pilot Network.

Hunter Industries announced a partnership with POGO to bring new sensor and visual insight integrations into its Pilot Network.

Integrating the hardware and data from POGO with the Pilot Network will provide valuable insights that can help superintendents and their teams:

  • Utilize powerful scientific insights to achieve maximum irrigation efficiency while saving time and resources

  • Make more informed scheduling adjustments using real-time soil moisture, salinity and temperature data

  • Use POGO information to better understand turfgrass performance in between irrigation cycles.

  • Identify and address problem areas with ease using color-coded visual insights that highlight turf needing immediate attention — often before symptoms appear

“POGO’s technology is the best in the market,” Hunter Industries director of golf Jon Truttmann said. “Their approach fits well with our goal of making the superintendent’s life better through innovative and easy-to-use products. This visibility into what occurs between irrigation cycles is the logical next step in management.”

Truttmann added that partnering with a technology leader like POGO will allow Hunter to develop a comprehensive solution for golf course irrigation applications combining the best that both companies have to offer. Superintendents, field managers, and municipal grounds operators use POGO to make smart irrigation decisions that produce healthy turf. Integrating POGO’s technology into the Pilot Network will make it easier to implement those decisions.

“We are absolutely thrilled that Hunter sees the same value for its customers, realizing that what happens between irrigation cycles is so vitally important,” said Carmen Magro, vice president of Stevens Monitoring Systems and leader of the POGO Division. “Being incredibly impressed with Hunter's Pilot Network and seeing it as a large leap forward in our industry, we see great synergy in our technology relationship and look forward to where this takes us."