Golfshot Introduces Auto Shot Tracking with Apple Watch

Track and review every shot with swing detection and GPS tracking

Golfshot is excited to announce its latest Pro feature for iOS and Apple Watch - Golfshot Auto Shot Tracking (AST). Creating an even more hands-free golf experience for golfers around the world, Auto Shot Tracking lets Golfshot members focus on their game while providing automated shot and club distance tracking with the use of an Apple Watch.

Golfshot AST uses machine learning to teach your Apple Watch what your golf swing looks like and then is able to detect each shot you take. Golfers are able to go through their normal setup and approach to take a shot with Apple Watch. GPS tracking will measure how far your ball has gone and it’s distance once you hit your next shot. Golfshot then saves it as a Tracked Shot for the club you used. The outcome is accurate distances per club, insightful, automate stats, and the ability to review your tracked shots through Golfshot’s new Flyover Round Review.

“We’re very excited about what our new Auto Shot Tracking and Flyover Round Review brings to golfers worldwide. In the last year, we’ve seen over 40% of Golfshot rounds started on an Apple Watch. Our members want a more hands-free golf experience and with the use of their existing smart watches, we’re able to give them that without the need to buy more hardware or sensors. Automated shot tracking and club distances is going to provide Golfshot members more insights to their game and real statistics they can use to truly get better,” said Alex Flores, EVP & General Manager, Golfshot.

For this new feature, Golfshot uses a proprietary Swing ML model that works directly with Apple Watch sensors to detect when you take a golf shot and auto track it for you.

Compared to competitors, the set-up is seamless and takes about 5 minutes or less - taking minimal time away from your game. An easy step-by-step process can be found at

Golfshot Auto Shot Tracking requires an Apple Watch 3 or newer and an iPhone 6s or newer. It does not work currently with an iPad.


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