Golf is back! And BRS Golf is here to help

Golf is back with a bang once again. Since its return, BRS Golf, has experienced soaring demand across its member booking website, app and visitor booking engine, as UK golfers book online to get back on the course.

The reopening of clubs in England, Northern Ireland and Wales for the first time in more than three months has resulted in another boom for the sport with 6.6 million rounds booked by members and visitors via BRS Golf since restrictions were eased.

4.1 million member and visitor rounds have been booked so far in April alone. This represents a 60% increase on rounds booked in April 2019 and outstrips the demand seen in May 2020, when 3.8 million rounds were booked.

In March this year, members and visitors across the UK booked a combined total of more than 2.5 million rounds through BRS Golf technology – a 19% increase on rounds booked in March 2019 – despite the fact that many clubs were closed for the majority of the month.

Our tee time distribution platform GolfNow, recorded its busiest day since May 2020 on 29 March as England emerged from lockdown. More than 13,000 users visited the site in a single day, with 5,000 rounds of golf booked on that date – an 80% increase in bookings compared with the same date in 2019.

And April has been a record-breaking month for GolfNow with over 76,000 rounds booked, generating over £1.8 million in revenue for course partners. This represents a 77% increase in rounds booked versus April 2019 and a 108% increase in booking value. ​​​​​

Capitalise on the boom!

Make sure you are posting rates on GolfNow. In April more than 8,000 new golfers booked their first round with GolfNow and a further 17,700 golfers downloaded our app. Ensure your course is available to this influx of new bookers by setting tee times live today. If you are not already a GolfNow course, contact us to discover how you can maximise course revenue without impacting your members.​​​


Products like Payments and Flexible Memberships integrate with your BRS Golf tee sheet and booking software, and can really help your club continue running smoothly in the current climate.

BRS Payments BRS Golf’s Covid-19 impact survey of golf clubs across the UK & Ireland found that 76% of clubs think pre-round contactless payments are here to stay, even as we come out of what is hopefully the last lockdown, so taking online payments is a must. Our payment processor is designed for golf clubs, can be up and running in hours and is completely secure.

Pair BRS Payments with visitor booking

Customers who come on board with our payment processor will be eligible for our new, responsive visitor booking engine, boasting a streamlined checkout to help increase conversion on your website.

Pair BRS Payments with Memberships

Together with Payments, our new Memberships software allows you to easily bill members and take subscription payments online. Plus you can create customised payment schemes and chain subscriptions – easily extend introductory offers that convert to full membership.

Get Flexible Memberships for free

Grow and retain your member base with our new flexible membership management software – perfect for busy, modern golfers. This self-managing solution is fully-integrated with BRS Golf and free to Payments customers.

Enable Membership Finance

This free feature of our Memberships system allows your golfers to apply for a loan to finance their membership directly through BRS Golf with V12 Retail Finance. The partnership has helped finance over £1million in membership loans since it launched last year.

Learn more about BRS Golf Membership Finance by listening to this episode of Golf Club Talk UK podcast, featuring Ian Kerrigan from V12 Retail Finance and Ryan Adams from BRS Golf. ​​​​​​If you would like to find out more about any of our products, or need further help with our technology, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Account Management Team who will be happy to assist.