Full Turn Custom Apparel to Opt Out Of PGA Show After 15-Year Run

Soaring transportation costs, coupled with the custom apparel company’s new FASTTURN strategy and embrace of new digital technologies key to CEO’s “tough” decision

Full Turn Custom Apparel, a custom and luxury apparel company servicing over 1,000 retail customers across North America, Asia and Europe, has announced it will not participate in the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. The company cites rising transportation costs in bringing goods in from overseas as well as the uncertain nature of shipping via boat, which has caused significant delays in deliveries, as reasons for the change. Consistent with the company’s new FASTTURN strategy of offering nine new line breaks a year, and delivering those line breaks quickly, all overseas production is now being air-shipped to Full Turn’s California finishing center.

“There aren’t many options to pay for these huge cost increases. We felt passing on the costs to our retail partners, and then to the consumer, would result in much higher prices and fewer units being sold,” said Full Turn CEO Mark Killeen. “On the backside, we refuse to compromise product quality to reduce the cost of goods. We then needed to review our business model. The largest single cost line item was the PGA Show. Despite the PGA Show being cancelled in 2021, we were able to use new technologies like RepSpark and Zoom throughout the year to significantly grow our business. The PGA runs a fantastic show and we will miss the handshakes and hugs, but we will continue to show our love and respect for our customers in other ways. We believe our customers will ultimately appreciate that we solved these challenges with their success as being paramount.”

Full Turn will introduce two new line breaks on January 3, 2022. Working together with the company’s regional sales reps, the home office will help orchestrate product reviews over zoom and order writing over RepSpark, the online catalog and ordering tool. In addition to the new fashion line breaks, Full Turn’s evergreen in-stock catalog is being replenished with 22 styles deep in color and inventory that are available for immediate shipping. All products are available for complete brand customization with a small 12-unit embroidery minimum.

About Full Turn Custom Apparel

Full Turn’s sole purpose is to help its retail customers realize that the only brand you can ever truly control is their own. The core concept of Full Turn’s offering is to provide specialty retailers with the ability to celebrate the power of their brand without having to share or compromise it with the brand of the apparel manufacturer. In addition, Full Turn does not undercut their retail partners by selling direct to consumer.

Based outside of San Francisco, CA, Full Turn services over 1000 retail customers throughout North America, Asia and Europe by providing custom luxury and performance apparel for both men and women.