Aquatrols expands product portfolio

Company launches new pre-emergent herbicide and its first plant growth regulator.

Aquatrols announced the expansion of its portfolio to include the new pre-emergent herbicide Basilisk UniTech and the new plant growth regulator Griffin UniTech. Both products feature UniTech formulation technology.

Basilisk UniTech provides selective pre-emergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds. Designed for both cool- and warm-season grasses, Basilisk UniTech improves the playability, performance and health of finely managed turf acres.

Griffin UniTech is the first plant growth regulator offered by Aquatrols. The PGR is designed to manage the growth of desirable turfgrasses while also providing suppression of Poa annua. In addition, Griffin UniTech has been proven to reduce clippings by up to 50 percent and improve turf density and quality.

Both Basilisk and Griffin are formulated in combination with Aquatrols’ new UniTech technology. This new technology is developed for each product to provide users with an optimized formulation for their needs. Though each product includes a different variation of the technology and reaps different benefits, UniTech works to deliver each active ingredient uniformly throughout the soil profile.

Both Basilsik UniTech and Griffin UniTech are available to purchase through authorized Aquatrols distributors this fall and are included in the company’s Approach product loyalty program.