We know golfing is hard, and that – as is commonly said – the most important shot in golf is the next one.


When we struggled trying to replicate our coaches’ advice and had to go back for instruction on the same lessons we just took a couple of weeks ago, we knew there had to be a better way.


This way came through a merge of the latest sensor technologies with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. By merging three key areas: wearable garments, sensor technology and neural networks, we found a novel way to build a “memory garment”. This garment would provide you with all the information you need to track, remember, and practice that best swing you performed either with your coach or at the driving range.


Since our incorporation, CTRL has been striving to change the way sport is practiced and make those moments with your coaches more valuable and your time practicing more efficient. Not only do we believe golf should be fun, but we believe you should spend more time hitting Albatrosses with your friends rather than trying to remember that best shot you took weeks ago.

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