The 25 Most Effective Golf Instruction Drills Report by Global Player Ranking on YouTube Released

Swing Alerts Continually Ranks The Most Effective Golf Drills as Rated by the World’s Golfers

Swing Index, a golf swing data science company, today announced the release of its “Top 25 Most Effective YouTube Golf Instruction Drills by Global Player Ranking” report as part of a free service called golf “Swing Alerts.” Swing Alerts aggregates the world's top golf instruction drills posted on YouTube and organizes and ranks these drills based on golfer feedback such as likes, views and written feedback on the effectiveness of the drill. Similar to how Yelp rates the best restaurants, Swing Alerts provides golfers the world's highest rated YouTube golf drills. Swing Alerts then continually monitors YouTube and delivers the most liked YouTube golf instruction drills to your phone as they become available.

“A tipping point has been reached with online golf instruction, where some 2.4 billion YouTube golf instruction drills were viewed by over 12 million YouTube golf subscribers in one year,” remarked Paul McGinley. “Top coaches and tour players are taking to YouTube to teach the game. In the past, a coach could teach 200-300 players a year, now they are teaching tens of thousands of people all over the world. The breakthrough today with Swing Alerts is organizing what golf drills work the best for your swing, as when players get better, they play more golf and grow the game.”

Chris Ryan remarked, “I am honored to have my work highlighted in this report and to be part of the democratization of golf instruction. Together with other golf coaches and tour players on this report, we are bringing golf instruction to anyone, anywhere. The research Swing Index is doing is eye-opening to me as a coach and advances the way we deliver improvement to players.”

Golfers can get the “25 Most Effective YouTube Golf Instruction Drills by Global Player Ranking” report list free by Clicking HERE for the free service that crowd-ranks the best YouTube golf instruction and also allows you to sort by your handicap. Upcoming Swing Alerts include additional data science reports such as “Top Golf Instruction Search Terms For Your Handicap.”