PGA debuts SkyCaddie yardages in national events

A landmark moment for British golf occurred in a recent PGA qualifying event at Moor Park.

For the first time, the PGA set its pin locations using SkyCaddie’s on-foot mapping yardage information, producing the tournament’s pin sheets with SkyCaddie’s help.

And competitors were able to download the event’s exact pin positions onto their SkyCaddies, adding distances to the pin to the already-comprehensive SkyCaddie GPS data for every hole.

The event was the East qualifier for the 2021 PGA Professional Championship, played on the High Course at Moor Park GC in Rickmansworth on 27th April 2021. The event was ultimately won by Felixstowe Ferry’s Andrew Robinson with a 67.

The PGA has used SkyCaddie mapping data for the SkyCaddie PGA Pro-Captain Challenge for the last few seasons, but the Moor Park event broke new ground for the PGA’s national event schedule.

SkyCaddie yardages, pin sheets and downloads will be used in all PGA national events in 2021, including the remaining PGA Professional Championship qualifiers plus the Final at Blairgowrie in June.

The Legends Tour successfully trialled a similar system in autumn 2019, using SkyCaddie ground-mapped data to set pin positions and create pin sheets in the three-event MCB Tour Championship staged in Madagascar, the Seychelles and Mauritius. SkyCaddie yardages will be used for the full Legends Tour season in 2021.

“If you are a PGA professional or keen golfer playing in any event this year, or you’ll find that a SkyCaddie loaded with Pin Positions is far more powerful than a laser plus yardage book could ever be” said SkyCaddie’s James Holmes.

SkyCaddie has already re-mapped or updated course data for all venues set to host a PGA national event in 2021, so competitors can be sure of yardages to all hazards, run-outs, carries fairway positions and pin positions on every hole they play.

All SkyCaddie owners can enter the day’s pin positions manually, if they have a pin sheet, using the Custom Pins function on the SkyCaddie SX500 and SX400.

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