Nufarm announces partnership with Lier Chemical to supply T&O market with glufosinate

First shipment under the alliance sent in late 2021.

Nufarm Americas announced a cooperation arrangement with Lier Chemical Company to supply glufosinate serving the Turf & Ornamental market.

Glufosinate solutions in United States T&O segment, such as Nufarm’s Cheetah Pro Herbicide, have experienced rapid growth as broadleaf and grass weed species gain resistance to multiple herbicide classes and applicators pursue alternative solutions.

Lier Chemical, a leading global glufosinate producer, plans to supply the needs of T&O’s escalating demand through Nufarm. Nufarm offers a strong herbicide manufacturing footprints serving North America and proven path to channel distribution.

“This is a logical supply alliance that’s very committed to supplying the needs of customers and the green spaces they nurture and protect from harmful pests every day,” said Nufarm North America regional general manager Brendan Deck. “I look forward to helping Lier Chemical extend its glufosinate reach as we gain supply continuity and peace of mind for our Cheetah Pro customers.”

Nufarm received the first glufosinate shipment under this new alliance in late 2021 and plans receipt of monthly shipments thereafter to supply the needs of the market.

“Lier and Nufarm have worked together since 2003 starting from Picloram to a wide series of products. Both companies are committed to a long-term partnership, which will eventually benefit our long-term customers,” Lier chairman of the board Yingsui Yin said. “Glufosinate was the first new project since I became the general manager of Lier in 2012 and Nufarm was the first customer of our glufosinate. I am very glad to see that Nufarm and Lier are extending the cooperation to the T&O market now.”