Golfer's CBD is the Rolls-Royce of the CBD world

New users have been urged to avoid cutting corners in the search for the best – and safest – form of CBD to improve their fortunes on the golf course.

With increasing awareness of the many benefits of CBD use among the playing community, Golfer’s CBD’s stringent production methods and safety standards ensure there are no hidden secrets or risks of failing a drugs test.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of 113 cannabinoids identified by scientific research into the cannabis plant. The health benefits are a result of the broad spectrum extract used in Golfer's CBD products. In addition to cannabidiol, their products contains other beneficial cannabinoids and

compounds which reduce the risk of disease and boost the immune system.

The combined benefits on and off the golf course makes Golfer's CBD the perfect supplement for players who want to feel healthy and produce their best golf with significant impact on anxiety, focus, concentration, rest and recuperation. 

Golfer’s CBD director, Andy Dixon, said: “We can’t afford to take risks working with European Tour and LPGA Tour professionals and we don’t want to put any of our customers at risk of failing a roadside drug test or an employment drug test.

“There are other CBD products out there on the market, which could result in someone failing a drug

test. In an unregulated market, it’s down to the producer and some people may not understand

what they are buying. We have full transparency of our products from plant to shelf and can

effectively provide the result of a drug test before it happens – others cannot do that.

“We like to think of ours as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ product. We start with a premium extract and work

with an experienced manufacturer to get the finished product. It’s the best of the best”

The specific process of extracting the ingredients for the various products also utilises combined

knowledge and expertise, which has been through years or painstaking research and continues to

evolve as new benefits are discovered.

Solheim Cup captain, Catriona Matthew, is a firm advocate, while growing numbers of professionals

are also turning to the brand including former PGA Championship winner, Andrew Oldcorn, and

European Challenge Tour pro, Dan Gaunt.

Dixon said: “We have that unique link between the chemists at our disposal and all levels of players

so we can tailor our products, specifically to help on the golf course.

“We’ve known the benefits of CBD on the golf course for a couple of years so we are now focusing

our research into the other beneficial cannabinoids and compounds which can help with a range of

golf issues from nerves and anxiety when you play through to preparation and recovery processes.

“We’re not attempting to compete with all the CBD companies coming into the market, we have a

unique understanding of common issues amateur players face from our own experience and several

elite players out on tour.  This enables us to study golfers of all levels and feed the results back to

our expert chemists at LH Botanicals to develop our range and target specific issues using new


“As things stand you can put anything in a bottle and label it CBD. We know of isolate products that

don’t contain anywhere near the stated level of CBD, through to full spectrum products that contain

illegal levels of THC. I wouldn’t consume any CBD product without knowing exactly what’s in the

bottle, which is why we have QR codes on our products. This enables our customers to track the

product from seed to shelf and view the certificate of analysis to see exactly what’s in the product

they’ve purchased.”

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