Golf Zondeka Co., Ltd. Releases Ultra-compact Golf Rangefinder "GOLFBUDDY aim QUANTUM" on Makuake

Funding starts at Makuake from August 10th to the end of September. High translucency LCD, 7x magnification lens for clear vision, GOLFBUDDY's unique ZST+ technology that can measure distance within 0.15 seconds

Golf Zondeka Co., Ltd. , a global golf rangefinder company, announced on the 10th that it will launch the ultra-compact high-end laser rangefinder "GOLFBUDDY aim QUANTUM," which will revolutionize the golf rangefinder market. Opened crowdfunding on Makuake.

The next funding will proceed from August 10th (Wednesday) to the end of September, and the products will be delivered sequentially from the beginning of October. A 25% discount will be offered to super early bird return participants limited to the first 300 units, and a 20% discount will be offered to early bird return participants limited to the first 500 units. In addition, there are special discounts for participants who purchase two or more and exclusive discounts for Makuake users.

The aim QUANTUM uses ``ZST+ (ZST Plus)'' technology, which is an upgraded version of ``ZST (Zero Second Technology)'' unique to Golf Zondeka, which was filed in September 2019. Recent GOLFBUDDY products can measure within 0.2 seconds by applying ZST technology, but aim QUANTUM applies ZST+ technology to dramatically improve the measurement speed, boasting a minimum measurement speed of 0.15 seconds.

Also noteworthy is the minimalist and stylish design. Unlike existing general laser rangefinders that have separate laser transmitters and receivers, aim QUANTUM integrates laser transmitters and receivers to achieve innovative miniaturization. Since the aim QUANTUM has an ultra-compact size of 95mmX47.3mm, we devised it to reduce the awkwardness that users who are accustomed to the size of existing laser rangefinders would feel when using the aim QUANTUM.

On the other hand, after the funding ends, we plan to continue sales through the GOLFBUDDY official store registered with Amazon and Rakuten. Detailed information and content about other GOLFBUDDY products can be easily received by adding the official LINE account from the GOLFBUDDY Japan website ( ).